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Infamou$ G


Infamou$ G, hailing out of Reston, Northern Virginia; is rapidly becoming one of the first multi-faceted artists of the era. With an immeasurable wisdom for perseverance, Infamou$ G has accumulated a concrete foundation of rapping, producing, engineering, and cinematography. From the lyrical capabilities, sound selection, and visual representation; any listener is guaranteed to view an entirely new world when tuning to this multifaceted artist. Pushing the limit that most artists won't, Infamou$ G has kept his goal set while incorporating different versatile styles to add to his art. Known for his leadership and compassion, Infamou$ G is committed to creating community amongst his peers and colleagues. Through his vulnerable and relatable lyrics, many will say he is down-to-earth. Fans and listeners can expect a lot from Infamou$ G for years to come.

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